26 Dec 2016

Download Full Bhojpuri Film Khakhi Vardiwala Free and Watch Online

Download and watch Bhojpuri film Khakhi Vardiwala

Khaki Wardi Wala is a best film of year 2015.This film is directed by Meraj Khan and produce by Shankar Dayal Gautam. Lead roles are Viraaj Bhatt, Madhuri Mishra, Manoj Tiger, Sanjay Pandey. Music On : Worldwide records /Aadi Shakti Audio. You can download and watch full Bhojpuri movie Khakhi Vardiwala and its songs free. Film total duration is 02:26 hours and uploaded by

Watch Bhojpuri Film Khakhi Vardiwala full movie

Disclaimer: All credit goes to producer and who uploaded on youtube
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