5 Aug 2022

Easy loan available for you with tie up with different bank and AMC

Eligibility criteria for loan

Nationality Indian
Age 21 Years to 65 years
Work Status Salaries
Employment type Private, Public and MNC
Salary 25,000 or higher(depend on city)
CIBIl Score More than 700
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Doccument required for loan

For any type of loan following documents must require

  • KYC document
  • Employee card
  • Last 3 months salary slip
  • Bank account statement 3 months
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How is Loan eligibility calculated?

Loan eligibility calculation uses six factors to determine your eligibility, they are:

  • Geographic location
  • Monthly Income
  • Ownership of property
  • Existing credit
  • Employer
  • Credit history

What is personal Loan

A personal loan is a loan that does not require guarantee or security and is offered with minimal documentation. 

You can use the amount from this loan for any genuine financial need. Like any other loan, you must repay it understanding to the agreed terms with the bank. Normally this can include a couple of months months to a couple of years in easy equated monthly instalments.

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