24 Aug 2021

Netflix new and upcoming web series and movie name list

Netflix new and upcoming shows name list

Best TV WEB Series to must watch on Netflix India

Netflix, since its inception to the Indian fans, has been a passion and everyone earns to have a concise bit of 'Netflix and Chill' in their respective lives. Indian web series really has grown to fit and become one of the best origins of inspiration and pleasure, thanks to the arrival of Netflix India. It is difficult to go within each and every web show available only on Netflix, so have it and chill but one can surely list some of the most salutary ones, so I'll proceed ahead and prepare just that for you.

What is the greatest TV web series on Netflix India? Of course, this best list cannot probably cover everything best of them. In addition, that is the reason we have some separate tips for some select classes that you must also hold out. Here Is the listing of Best Netflix web Series in India to Watch on a repeat mode.


Hasmukh is a Netflix Indian dark drama-comedy following the story of a small-town person. What makes this Hasmukh watchable? Well, this person is a humble comedian transforming into a serial killer. The story, dialogue, and then twists perform it is worth a watch. The web series stars Vir Das, along with the co-creator and the writer themselves, Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishan, Amrita Bagchi, and Manoj Pahwa in influential roles. The conversations and storytelling were undeniable jewels. Watch this Hasmukh only on Netflix and behold the perfect combination of comedy and excitement./

Sarfarosh Saragarhi 1897 - (2018)

The historic struggle that takes spot between 21 brave soldiers of the 36th Sikh soldiers of the British influential Indian army and around 10,000 Pashtun & Orakzai tribals is represented on-screen in this chilling Netflix series. We can see popular TV actor Mohit Raina (who is famous for his depiction of Lord Shiva on life ok) did right to his character and the real-life motivated incidents in the film light up the show's confidence very well.

Sacred Games 2

Sacred Games is certainly one of the biggest web series that represents action, crime, and full drama effectively. Having its roots in the book Sacred Games, the story primarily turns around Sartaj Singh, who is a Mumbai police officer, and a criminal named Gaitonde who also believes him to be the only God. You will see yourself travelling through a web series of enigmas, drama, and corruption that is more extensive in law, and chances of fighting and movement that make it deserving to give the watch. As the star of this Indian web series implies, the whole account is intended as a part of a contest or a play and runs you glued to the outcome of each event with lots of enthusiasm.

In amidst all the madness of crime, killings, and deception, Sartaj Singh has had his truthfulness and development alive and gets himself linked to the mobster in some form. This police cop also makes each possible effort to protect Mumbai from any trouble after getting potential perils from the criminal.

How interesting do all these dins? Emphasizing on Netflix and also consisting of important casts such as nawab Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, and also it is a must web series to be seen by the people of every age.


Possibly the Indian television business has relinquished another height of cinematography by both its parts of successful Mirzapur. Although many people have scrutinised this show and named it “Anurag Kashyap spinoff,” both terms have earned such astounding fan support that there is no disputing that this show is a really must-watch!

The show reflects the journey of Kaleen bhaiya and his heir, son Munna Bhaiya as they attempt to run their guns and drug market. If you need to get into a tiny bit of nasty desi politics, then be certain to tune in.


Do you prefer horror films and Indian traditions? Betaal is the ideal mix of horror and legends and reflects a socio-political commentary. Having actors like Vineet Kumar Singh, Suchitra Pillai, and Aahana Kumra as the leads, the web series initiates the scene in a distant village where a battle within an undead East Indian Company officer’s scary zombie battalion and a team of modern-day warriors ensues. This web series somewhat requires the thrill and interesting edits. Still, the exemplary enforcement by the actors and the perfect mixture of mythology and fear make it worth to binge- worthy show. So, Watch Betaal only Netflix and endure the chills.

Delhi Crime (2019 – Present)

An International Emmy-winning compilation web series — starring renowned actors Shefali Shah and Rajesh Tailang, whose first part follows the Delhi police's inquiry into the 2012 much-hyped Nirbhaya gang-rape incident, which marked all six suspects captured in less than a span of a week. Season 2 is expected in 2021, without the association of inventor Richie Mehta only on Netflix original. It stars many other sparkling actors and is based on a 23-year-old innocent Delhi girl and her male friend, who was beaten up and viciously assaulted in a speeding bus near a place called Munirka while they were coming home back after grabbing a movie.

The girl named Nirbhaya was gang-raped and attacked with an iron rod, after which the couple was thrown nude and wounded on the road, following which the accused tried to move them over with the bus. This Delhi Crime describes the story from the viewpoint of the Delhi Police and how they dispensed with what appeared as the most unmerciful rape case ever perceived in India.

Bard of Blood

An Indian web television web series having Bollywood serial kisser Emran Hashmi has been launched on Netflix, in India. this is a seven-long episode web series produced by king khan Sharukh Khan’s production house, named Red Chillies Entertainment. The web show tells the tale of a disgraced secret agent, Kabir Anand, who goes back to the province to rescue agents caught by the Taliban.

Set in the concerned Pakistani region of Balochistan, the production deals with cross-border so-called terrorism and includes rogue Indian agencies contending with those Pakistani intelligence services. Notwithstanding the action, the story is deeply rooted in promoting xenophobic customs and Islamophobic clich├ęs in the description of its parts.

A very unsettling character of the web series is that in some instances, the actor’s voice message that is an undeniable fact for the different characters already in the scene. The web series fails to move the audience and the critics alike in the apparently distorted narration, story, writing along with direction.

Ray- 25 JUNE

The Indian film business has very many collections, and Ray is one of them. The Indian Netflix web series is basically based on the practices works of Satyajit Ray and stars Manoj Bajpayee, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Ali Fazal, and Kay Kay Menon in the role. The web series includes Satyajit Ray’s performances from different classes. From satire to mental thrillers, Ray describes four short tales by the revered author and filmmaker Satyajit Ray. If you cannot deliver up your mind about choosing a film, watch this Ray only on Netflix in Hindi for its wide variety of genres.

Chopsticks- 31 MAY

This Netflix India original film having Abhay Deol, Vijay Raaz and Mithila Palkar have had its reasonable share of criticism from movie critics as well as from our mainstream public alike. Each of the parts is uniquely thought out. A young and modest working girl from Mumbai who has just purchased her first car. A strange man who is experienced at breaking into cases and cooking and favors to be named an ‘Artist’, a dreaded criminal whose deepest connection is with Kishore Kumar lyrics and a goat. As the girl's newly purchased car is robbed the same evening that she got it, the plot develops a coming of span story for Mithila who receives to combat experience as it occurs to her in unexpected turbulence.

Together, one can also view enrapturing cinematography of the interiors and areas of Mumbai in ideally set locations. Although an excellent option for spectators, if you are one of these who prefer quality, this one can be really skippable.

Baahubali: Before the Beginning (2019)

Baahubali: Before the Beginning is a tale that is based on one of the famous Anand Neelakantan's 2017 novels named The Rise of Sivagami. This catches place in a time that is before the two extravagant princes grow up or also contest one another for the authority; a prequel to these two epic films.

Devlok (2017)

Not to be called a fictional narrative; Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik includes shedding spotlight on some fantastic events, stories, and characteristics with the famous mythologist himself. As Devdutt Pattanaik is renowned for his own paraphrase of The Mahabharata and even Ramayana, aside from other important works.

Dharmakshetra (2014)

After the conclusion of the war at Kurukshetra, the so-called Kauravas and Pandavas are sentenced on the grounds of their karma. Therefore, the warriors go either to paradise or to hell. This web series is an excellent take on the minor-known events, which considered and happened or took place after the big war of Mahabharata.

The End of the F****** World - (2017-Present)

Two 17-year-old refugees, James and Alyssa, board on a road trip to discover her estranged dad, who left their house when she was simply a kid. James, being a mad psychopath, targets Alyssa attempting to annihilate something more than simply an ordinary mammal. The way of violent incidents starts growing as they move forward in their quest.

Ghoul (2018)

A young brave interrogating officer described as Nida Rahim's search to hunt for the truth grows a survival course for the officer after events start to happen. Soon, it is discovered out that one of the prisoners has been occupied by a Ghoul, which has been the cause for all wrong inside the jail assumptions.

Fear Files - Har Mod Pe Darr- (2015-Present)

Possessed partners, witches, obsessed houses and more effect tales of terror to the screen in this collection web series. Each episode has a separate story - which should be given a must watch!

It Happens Only In India (2012)

Traverse some of India's minor-known cities and villages while learning from the people who request these strange and unique areas home. Penetrations from amazing of India's most active and bustling places and the various happening places to explore any time of the time.

Khotey Sikkey- (2011)

This is the tale of five affluent teens who were confused before they got their sense and control and followed a Mumbai police administrator to get a better living, than what it was first. They, on with the police, work on crime-busting allegations throughout the town.

Lust Stories- (2018)

A compilation of four narratives that sheds a spotlight on modern love relationships from the perspective of the Indian woman. The four tales have been independently directed by our Karan Johar, along with the team of Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, and Anurag Kashyap.

Master of None - (2015-Present)

Dev, who is a New York-based actor, is striving to recognise what he actually wants, both individually and professionally. The web series reveals impressions of Dev's younger times and explores modern characters of his life and journey, including modern protocol (regarding texting and of course the social media), and staying young and free in the town.

Powder - (2010)

Usmaan Ali Malik, the Superintendent of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and his team must overcome various challenges as they set out to obstruct the drug king Naved Ansari's evil operations, and clear the city by eliminating strong drug networks.

Wild Wild Country (2018)

This Netflix famous documentary web series is about the uncertain Indian guru named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), who explores his life journey with his one-time individual personal assistant Ma Anand Sheela, along with a bandwagon of multiple blind followers in their visionary city in Wasco County, Oregon. Therefore, this is a controversial one. Why? Because of the heightened stresses between the cult leader's blind followers and those locals, which directed to a political scandal.

Little Things- (2018)

This television one of the most popular mini-series among youth takes us into the worlds of Dhruv and 'Kavya, who have been seeing each other for the last 5 years. In addition, after an immensely successful season 1, the following season is again back and has just delivered on Netflix. Enjoy and associate to the endless delightful moments encountered by couples in their daily life with this web series.

Netflix Original show list

Netflix is a global On demand video(VOD) streaming platform that is release original web series, movie, short film etc. This article gives a list of originals produced released by Netflix India. Netflix's first original for India was Sacred Games (2018).We are tyrying very hard to show all the best Netflix series list here. We are listing here Netflix original show that is released in different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. We are trying to improve our list so that everyone get the right information here. You can click on any item of the list and get detail about the shows.
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