21 Apr 2023

Upcoming Punjabi Movies 2023 | Upcoming Punjabi Movie on OTT Platforms Netflix & Zee 5

Upcoming Punjabi Movies in 2023

Being a Punjabi movies lover here is a list of upcoming Punjabi movies. We know that Punjabi movie lovers are very excited to know about upcoming Punjabi movies. We are trying to collect the best information for our Punjabi movie fans. This list is based on different media's reports. Some films release dates are announced but some films release dates are not decided yet because there is an initial stage of suiting. Release date may be changed subject to censor board or production company decisions.

upcoming Punjabi movois list

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Upcoming Punjabi movies on Zee5

Upcoming Punjabi movies on Netflix

Upcoming punjabi movies on OTT

Diljit Dosanjh upcoming Punjabi movies

Upcoming Indian Punjabi movies

Pajābī philama jagata(ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਫਿਲਮ ਜਗਤ)
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