4 Sep 2016

Upcoming Gujarati movies

eing a Gujarati movies lover here are the upcoming Gujarati movies list, You will be interested in knowing the release date, who are working in these films and how many songs and what are stories. we are listing here all upcoming Gujarati movies with complete details. some Gujarati films are ready to release and some films are only launched and they are on intial stage of suitings or suiting going to start. Currently we are missing some films name and details but we are promising to you all we are trying to very hard to show complete list with detils.
Upcoming Gujarati movies
Poster Release Yr Film NameStar Cast(s)
upcoming Hardik Abhinandan Ragini Shah, Gopal Parmar, Navjot Singh Chauhan, Vimmy Bhatt, Akash Zala, Poojan Trivedi, Mitesh Moga
upcoming Armaan – A Story of a Storyteller Directed Poojan Trivedi, Alisha Prajapati, Netri Trivedi, Prashant Barot, D.Kay, Twisha Bhatt, Ankit Chandrashekhar, Fahad Memon, Raahul vyas
upcoming Fodi Laisu YaarVishal Solanki, Alisha Prajapati, Chintan Dave, Koyal Shewale, Krishna Joshi, Naitik Desai , Vivek Pathak,

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