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MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Reality Shows Judge, Contestant, Host, Wiki, Trailer And All Episodes Videos
MTV Splitsvilla Season 14

10 Girls, 10 boys, 2 exotic islands! Paane ke liye pyar, karna hoga samundar paar. With Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani as the hot hosts of Splitsvilla 14, it's going to be an epic battle for love. Stay tuned for all the action in Splitsvilla Season 14 on Voot!

MTV India MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Wikipedia

Start DateDec 12, 2022
Season 14
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting LocationGoa
HostSunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani
Villa InsidersAbhimanyu Raghav and Anushka Mitra

Meet Splitsvilla 14 Mars' Contestants

Meet Splitsvilla 14 Mars' Contestants

Meet Splitsvilla 14 Venus' Contestants

Meet Splitsvilla 14 Venus' Contestants

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Host

Sunny Leone Sunny Leone
Arjun Bijlani Arjun Bijlani

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Villa Insiders

Abhimanyu Raghav Abhimanyu Raghav
Anushka Mitra Anushka Mitra

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Contestant

Saumya Bhandari Uorfi Javed(Guest, Wild card entry)
Saumya Bhandari Saumya Bhandari(Elminated)
Dhruvin Busa Dhruvin Busa(Elminated)
Justin D Justin D'Cruz
Rishabh Jaiswal Rishabh Jaiswal(Elminated)
Aagaz Akhtar Aagaz Akhtar
Akashlina Chandra Akashlina Chandra
Amir Hossein Amir Hossein
Aradhana Verma Aradhana Verma
Joshua Chhabra Joshua Chhabra
Hamid Barkzi Hamid Barkzi
Hiba Trabelssi Hiba Trabelssi
Honey Kamboj Honey Kamboj
Kashish Ratnani Kashish Ratnani
Kashish Thakur Kashish Thakur
no image Mehek Sembhy
Moose Jattana Moose Jattana
Pema Leilani Pema Leilani
Sakshi Dwivedi Sakshi Dwivedi
Sakshi Shrivas Sakshi Shrivas
Tara Prasad Tara Prasad(Wild Card Entry)
Shivam Sharma Shivam Sharma
Shrea Prasad Shrea Prasad
Sohail D Sohail D
Soundous Moufakir Soundous Moufakir
Prakshi Goyal Prakshi Goyal

How to Watch MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 serial full episode online?

  • MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 will be streaming on the Voot. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
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  • Watch serial MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 on the Voot

8 Aug 2021

Wild Villa Shows Contestant, Host, Wiki, Release date, Trailer, Photo and All Episodes Review

MTV Indian popular channel generally telecasted those reality shows that is youth-driven ones like Spiltsvilla, India Next Top Model, Roadies and series with some other youthful shows. All these programs are highly appreciated and watched by several Indian youth and created a distributed fan foundation. The most trending dating reality show on the channel is Splitsvilla that has received super high ratings and after following the rage of the show, the producers created further show, which is the component of Splistvilla season 13 and is called “Wild Villa.” this one can be seen currently on the Voot official website and their app.
wild villa mtv
Episodes are like this...
In the show, six pupils participated where three females and three males are there, and all those contestants are combating in Wild Villa in decree to win their position to get immediate participation in season 13 of MTV Spilstvilla. In the final destination for devising their direct wildcard entrance, they need to work really hard on the show. The winner will be set to get a golden ticket to reach to the season 13 of MTV Splitsvilla. As the audience already sighted this reality show, which is hosted by Nikhil Chinappa.
The contestants’ list
Agriya Bhatiya
Rashmi Choudhary
Arjun Rana
Piyush Manwani
Sakshi Malik
wild villa voot
Wild Villa Contestants List
Agriya Bhatia 23 Jammu Competing
Piyush Manwani 21 Indore Competing
Rashmi Chaudhary 23 Mumbai Eliminated (19 June 2021)
Arjun Rana 21 Delhi Competing
Devashish 20 Mumbai Competing
Sapna Malik 21 Chandigarh 1st Winner
Azma Fallah 22 Pune Competing
Shweta Nair 24 Mumbai Left the show
Riya Kishanchandni 22 Mumbai Competing
Janvi Sikaria 27 Kolkata Competing
Samruddhi Jadhav 24 Pune Competing

The highlights of “Ticket to Finale” for the direct entry in MTV Splitsvilla season 13
In the episode of the of “Ticket To Finale” for the direct entry in MTV Splitsvilla season 13, all the six competitors are present at their assignment location where the show's host Nikhil Chinappa was already there and waiting for all. When these youngsters reach the spot they watch the host in the bikini, was dancing, and appeared to be like a girl. He is further doing twerk and seemed to be looking very attractive while acting like it. All the female contestants were doing hooting and the males were enjoying their act. Further on, the host informed that their challenge task name is “Ticket to Finale” where the round would decide who might be wining the ticket to direct entry to Splitsvilla.
Thus, the golden episode will show who would win the ticket and this would be the like a do and die time for these six youngsters. All these people are battling to get that ticket and while doing the task, their passion and aggression would definitely be shown. These competitors have to give their 200 per cent, as they cannot lose the chance to become the Splitsvilla 13 contestant. However, only two of them will be chosen on the foundation of their winning. Each boy and a girl will be selected for this and now it is amazing to watch who among these will win this Splitsvilla season 13 golden ticket in their kitty or account.
wild villa stunt

Wild Villa reality show telecasts on every Saturday at 8:00 PM only on Voot has paid platform called Voot Select. It is hosted and presented by Nikhil Chinappa.
Check out the full details of the contestant's names, age, timings of the Wild Villa show along with some news and updates-
1. Post the first elimination task, Janvi and Rashmi was at the bottom 2. Among them, Rashmi was the one who was eliminated.
2. The latest eliminated contestant is Samruddhi who was entered in the show Wild Villa. She sends Rashmi in the elimination base while Agriya-Azma sends out Janvi. In the end, we see Devashish, Riya, Rashmi, and Janvi, who are going to compete in another elimination task.
3. Janvi, Rashmi, and Piyush joined this danger elimination zone list where contestants Riya along with Devashish were already present.
4. So finally Sapna Malik and Devashish were those lucky and dedicated one who won the Golden ticket to reach season 13 of Splitsvilla.
Wild Villa Winners of Power Card
The Power Card companion in females is Rashmi. While we have Arjun who owns the Power Card in male lists.
**Benefit of these Power Card winners can send any of the Wild villains to that dangerous elimination zone.
Well, for more test updates, gossips and news for the entertainment industry along with the show Wild Villa and Splitsvilla Season 13, Stay tuned with us.

Wild Villa Wiki
Release DateMar 13, 2021
GenreReality Show
Origin Country
Shooting Location
ProducerColosceum Media

Wild Villa cast name
Agriya Bhatia Agriya Bhatia
Piyush Manwani Piyush Manwani
no image Rashmi Chaudhary
Arjun Rana Arjun Rana
no image Devashish
Sapna Malik Sapna Malik
Riya Kishanchandni Riya Kishanchandni
Janvi Sikaria Janvi Sikaria
Samruddhi Jadhav Samruddhi Jadhav
Azma Fallah Azma Fallah
Shweta Nair Shweta Nair

Wild Villa Trailer

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