21 Aug 2021

Mastram Web Series Cast, Wiki, Release date , Trailer, Video and All Episodes
Mastram Web Series Cast and Wiki

India's most popular OTT platform MXPlayer released a Hindi drama web series name as Mastram. This series is produced by Almighty Motion Picture and written by Aryan Sunil and lead roles are Anshuman Jha, Tara Alisha Berry, Aakash Dabhade, Jagat Singh Rawat, Rani Chatterjee, Kenisha Awasthi, Garima Jain, Isha Chabbra, Aabha Paul and others.
This series has ten episode and every episode has a name like :
Mallu Aunti Ka Malmal
Sonu Ka Joban
Abhineteri Ka Nirman
Vaibhav Ki Didi
Bua Ke 56 Aasan
Baniye Ka Lollypop
Khali Bus Ka Suhana Safar
rani chatterjee web series mastram

Mastram Wiki
Release DateJun 10, 2020
GenreComedy| Drama|Romance
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionMX Players Presents
Story WritterAryan Sunil
DirectorAkhilesh Jaiswal.

Mastram cast name
Rani Chatterjee Rani Chatterjee - as - Raani
Anshuman Jha Anshuman Jha - as - Rajaram
Garima Jain Garima Jain
Abha Paul Abha Paul
Leena Sharma Leena Sharma - as - Madhu's Mother
Shikha Sinha Shikha Sinha
Nehal Vadoliya Nehal Vadoliya
no image Jagat Rawat
no image Amrita Das Gupta
Ashmita Jaggi Ashmita Jaggi
no image Sidharth Bhardwaj
no image Jignesh Joshi
Harshita Khushwaha Harshita Khushwaha
Isha Chabbra Isha Chabbra
Tara Alisha Berry Tara Alisha Berry - as - Madhu
Kenisha Awasthi Kenisha Awasthi
no image Aakash Dabhade - as - Gopal
no image Vipin Sharma - as - Durga Prasad
no image Vipin Nayyar
no image Rajinder Sharma
no image Tarun Chauhan
no image Ghanshyam Garg
no image Murari Kumar - as - Laadhu Ram
no image Vivekanand Jha

Mastram Trailer

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How to Watch Mastram Web Series full episode online?

  • Mastram will be streaming on the MX PLAYER. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the MX PLAYER
  • Watch web series Mastram on the MX PLAYER

23 Jun 2021

Samantar 2 Web Series Cast, Wiki, Release Date, Trailer, Video and All Episodes
Samantar 2 Web Series

The trailer release of ‘Samantar 2', Swapnil Joshi's Intriguing web series is coming once again to amaze the audience out there waiting for it for so long!
Just at the beginning of this year, the audience were erupting all across social media platforms with the mystery and rest of the tale of Kumar Mahajan along with his certainty. We once again have Swwapnil Joshi as Kumar Mahajan with this super hit thriller Marathi web series. As we know, the director Satish Rajwade’s of this amazing web series Samantar took over the world by astonishment with his multi- lingual composition, with a best gripping storyline. He can accommodate the series with several of the best Marathi talents including their outstanding performances. The popular OTT platform MX player will once again be seen hosting season 2 of the hit series for being an entertainer of wonder for the public with its astonishing twists and those turn!
In one of his recent posted Instagram video, the main lead Swwapnil stripped his eyebrows so that he can match Kumar Mahajan’s character as he proclaimed the continuation of Samantar. Contemptuously, he shared the news on his social media handle.
Speaking more about the series, this is an adoption of a well-known book Samantar composed by Suhas Shirvalkar. This series is made multilingual and is a mystery thriller in languages Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, along Telugu. It turns around the tale of Kumar Mahajan who finds some of the unnerving facts after his unplanned talk to a man who is an astrologer. Tied future, shocking events, and bigger than life events that confuse him on his quest are so gripping and it has left fans on the end of your seat. This has got over nearly 100 million watchers who intriguingly watch and known to follow it to uncover an answer to his questions. This has delivered Samantar with one of the best and interesting Marathi shows prepared in multiple languages. The second season will surely keep fans crooked to their screens.
After the fantastic success of the 'Parallel' first part of the Marathi web series, each one of us is seeing forward to this next season. Everyone is staring at when this second season of the web series will be delivered. Now the interest of the public has subsided. Since the trailer has been released along with the release date, which has further been announced.
Samantar 2 cast

Therefore, the next episode of Samantar is happening to the public on July 1 and also this time again we get to see Parvat actress Sai Tamhankar in a crucial role. While the public is excited to view the juxtaposition of Swapnil and Nitish Bhardwaj, the producers have announced that the public will acquire to endure a lot of variations in the second fall.
Nitish Bharadwaj is seen in the character of Sudarshan Chakrapani. The audience delivered well up the Swapnil role of Kumar Mahajan. The web series is based on Kumar Mahajan finding out that this Sudarshan Chakrapani has previously called his entire life. He then starts to investigate what is formulated in his future. It foretells that a different woman will appear in his life. Then the hunt for his destiny starts. Despite his best attempts to check this journal, the woman enters his life. Now the question is who this woman is and what Kumar has to face, will fate be the same as Chakrapani quotes in his diary. Now, this will be traversed in this mount.
Well, this is celebrated as a ten-part series, which is screened in multilingual as Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. You can freely watch this thriller series on MT Player, one of the most popular free OTT platform.

Samantar 2 Wiki
Release DateUpcoming
Origin Country
Shooting Location

Samantar 2 Actors Name with Wiki
Swapnil Joshi Swapnil Joshi
Tejaswwini Tejaswwini
Nitish Bharadwaj Nitish Bharadwaj
Sai Tamhankar Sai Tamhankar

Samantar 2 Trailer

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How to Watch Samantar 2 Web Series full episode online?

  • Samantar 2 will be streaming on the MX PLAYER. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the MX PLAYER
  • Watch web series Samantar 2 on the MX PLAYER

21 Jun 2021

Indoori Ishq Web Series Cast, Wiki, Story, Review, Trailer, Video and All Episodes
indoori ishq mx player web series cast story and review

Indoori Ishq Story:
The story turns around the love between teenage lovers, Kunal (played by Ritvik Sahore) and Tara (played by Vedika Bhandari), and how their equalization evolves with a period. However, like most love fantasies it does not happen without those hiccups along the process. When Kunal realizes that Tara is really cheating on him, it sets an edge to all his visions about a complete life with his adored one. Will he be capable to manage this deception and move forward?
Indoori Ishq Review:
As the title implies, ‘Indori Ishq's is love and fancy story based in Indore. Kunal, a student of the twelfth class has been in love with his fellow classmate Tara though he has never attempted to propose to her. One fine day when he eventually does, they fall front over heels among each other. Just like all other love tales—we have an actor, actress and a road that heads to the felicitous ending, correct. However, this is just the start; there is many more that will display in this love story.
After finishing high school, Kunal shifts to Mumbai to be a Navy officer, while we can see Tara continuing her education in Indore. This long-distance love relationship originally seems strong; until Kunal gets out that, his sweetheart is cheating. This understanding changes Kunal’s character, drawing out the part of him which apparently he did not recognise ever been there—dark, worrying and self-adverse.
indoori ishq web series

Samit Kakkad is the Director and also the producer of the series confers us to a character who seems to have it totally—he has a settled seat in a College series, his family are especially proud of him, and he is seeing the woman of his bubbles. However, when he encounters that hard betrayal, his story takes an unpleasant turn and also the people nearby him mock him for destroying his life beyond love. Kunal's personality is a recent -day Devdas— unlucky in love— and on the edge of ending his life. There is also a Chunni babu in the sort of BFF Hari (played by Dheer Hira) when he was in Indore and then we can see Mahesh (played by Aashay Kulkarni) when he came to Mumbai, who continue coming to his help. The purpose of the falling -the fourth-wall form of story aptly gives a speech to his thoughts and presents a clear view to the public.
The screenplay is performed by Kunal Marathe (this is also happening to imply the character’s name of the lead) is split into two parts: one focuses on a high-school love story, and the additional, highlights the modern state of the main character, who is administering with the outcome of betrayal. The portrayal of teenage love is sweet and cute, but the chapters about Kunal's sad heartbreak break on. With great-drawn montages of his character consuming liquor and burning smokes, with retro tunes as its backdrop, the series chugs forward. While we can see several episodes in this whole nine-part web series that hold you involved, there are amazing of some that completely drop velocity and you discover yourself setting to leap to the following episode.
The cinematography of Prashant Rane catches the regions of both the places Indore and Mumbai quite well, giving it relevant and appealing. However, there is many scopes to trim for a more fixed narrative and even plot change.
As Kunal is a big fan of those classic Indian Qawwalis and especially the artiste Altaf Raja, many of the series in which he explains the passionate turmoil he is passing through is backed by famous songs such as ‘Tum To Thehre Pardesi’, ‘ Aa Nikla Hoon Pal Do Pal Ke Liye’ or Awara Hawa Ka Jhokha Hoon. In particular, as a reward, the public can catch a sight of Altaf Raja performing a live show in Indore, chirping on his popular tune's Tum Toh Thehre Pardesi's.
The hero (Ritvik Sahore) description of a nice and go-lucky person Kunal, is grabbing the attention, making the watchers love his attitude. His change from being a delightful romantic person to a brooding one who uses his day with alcohol, or smoking and unfolding himself, is acceptable. Tara, presented by Vedika Bhandari, is split between emotion and passion and plays her role well. Kunal's honest and supportive friends, Dheer and Aashay, never neglect to confer him the best path to reaching a good happy life.
Indoori Ishq actor

This MX player series does take up the dispute, but briefly, on the culturally received rules of devotion and loyalty in a love relationship, which are usually drastically distinctive for both the members. Overall, if you really appreciate love stories, this will stimulate your enthusiasm for the right purposes.
The series has already been released on released on 10 June and you can watch it on Mx Player.

Indoori Ishq Wiki
Release DateJun 10, 2020
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionMX Player
DirectorSumit Kakkad

Indoori Ishq Actors Name with Wiki
Ritvik Sahore Ritvik Sahore - as - Kunal
Vedika Bhandari Vedika Bhandari - as - Tara
Tithi Raaj Tithi Raaj - as - Kamna
Donna Munshi Donna Munshi - as - Reshma
Dheer Hira Dheer Hira - as - Hira
Meera Joshi Meera Joshi - as - Aliya
Aashay Kulkarni Aashay Kulkarni - as - Mahesh
Deepti Devi Deepti Devi - as - Kunal's Sister
no image Shruthi Shetty - as - Neetu
no image Reshu Thakur - as - Reetu
no image Sanjay Bhatia - as - Kunal's Father
no image Abha Velankar - as - Kunal's Mother
no image Omkar Nautiyal - as - Ronit
no image Prashant Vichare - as - Constable
no image Roshni - as - Anjum mam
no image Anil Rajput - as - Jimmi
no image Kunal Chopra - as - Condom Distributor
no image Prabhanshu Choubey - as - Doctor

Indoori Ishq Trailer

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How to Watch Indoori Ishq Web Series full episode online?

  • Indoori Ishq will be streaming on the MX PLAYER. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the MX PLAYER
  • Watch web series Indoori Ishq on the MX PLAYER