1 May 2016

B.N. Sharma - B.N. Sharma Wiki Biography and total movies

B.N. Sharma Biography

B. N. Sharma is an Indian actor who works in Punjabi Cinema. He has excellent dialogue delivery skills. He was born and raised in Delhi and his parents wanted him to be an engineer. Later, in 1972, he moved to Chandigarh and served as a police constable for 25 years along with pursuing a career in acting after developing a love for theater. During his service as a constable he completed 40-45 movies.

B.N. Sharma Educations

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B.N. Sharma Awards

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B.N. Sharma's Career

He began his acting career with a negative character in Jalandhar Doordarshan's Punjabi soap Jeb Katre (lit. Pocket Pickers) in 1985. His first movie was Visakhi (1987), which was a hit. He later starred in Mahaul Theek Hai (1999) and has appeared in over 70 Punjabi films. His recent hits include Jatt and Juliet, the quasi-sequel Jatt & Juliet 2 and Carry On Jatta. Sharma won the Best Actor in a Comic Role award at the PTC Punjabi Film Awards. After becoming known for playing comedic characters Shampy Da Daddy and Inspector Sikander Singh Tiwana from blockbusters Jatt and Juliet and Carry on Jatta respectively, Sharma prepared for his role in Dil Sada Luteya Gaya, traveling to Jalandhar for the shoot. He has been acclaimed by directors "for the perfection he puts in his work". "I was so fascinated by acting that I wanted to become a part of it at any cost," Sharma told Punjabi Mania. "I remember when I was a kid (even before I started going school), I used to buy a flute from a 'balloon wala' and play it. Now I realize that it was an art. As my father was quite rigid I had to take the extreme step[, a]nd now with the hard work and love of all I am doing well." During an interview with Punjabi Mania, Sharma also stated: "I just [think that the] Punjab government must do something fruitful for Punjabi cinema too like they are doing in promotion of sports[,] which is a good [thing] too. Punjabi cinema is doing wonders now and our government must contribute something to make it internationally renowned." Sharma's upcoming starrer includes Bhaji in Problem directed by Smeep Kang, the director of Carry On Jatta and Lucky Di Unlucky Story. Bhaji in Problem was released on 15 November 2013.

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B.N. Sharma upcoming movies

Aapan Vehle Punjabi
Jatt Risky Punjabi
Jatt Romantic Punjabi
Mitro Mitro Punjabi
Rangroot Punjabi

B.N. Sharma Total Movies

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Vaisakhi List Punjabi 2016
Ardaas Punjabi 2016
Judge Singh LLB Punjabi 2015
Munde Kamaal De Punjabi 2015
Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya Punjabi 2015
What The Jaat Punjabi 2015
Cross Connection Punjabi 2014
Happy Go Lucky Punjabi 2014
Double Di Trouble Punjabi 2014
Carry On Jatta 2 Punjabi 2014
Control Bhaji Control Punjabi 2014
Yaaran Da Katchup Punjabi 2014
Disco Singh Punjabi 2014
Marriage Da Garriage Punjabi 2014
Ishq Brandy Punjabi 2014
Patiala Dreamz Punjabi 2014
Bhaji in Problem Punjabi 2013
Dil Sada Luteya Gya Punjabi 2013
Ashiqui Not Allowed Punjabi 2013
Hikk Naal Punjabi 2013
Jatt Airways Punjabi 2013
Punjab Bolda Punjabi 2013
Naughty Jatts Punjabi 2013
Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad Punjabi 2013
Pooja Kiven Aa Punjabi 2013
Singh Vs Kaur Punjabi 2013
Pinky Moge Wali Punjabi 2012
Raula Pai Gaya Punjabi 2012
Jatt & Juliet Punjabi 2012
Taur Mittran Di Punjabi 2012
Yaara O Dildaara Punjabi 2011

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