22 May 2021

The first glimpse of Shawn-Srijala's 'Mon Phagun' has been released

first look of star jalsa Mon Fagun

After a long wait, the promo of the upcoming serial 'Mon Phagun' starring Shawn Banerjee has been released. As per the expectations of the viewers, this heartthrob hero is returning to the screen of Star Jalsa. And in this series, newcomer actress Srijala has tied the knot with Shaun. After a break of about five months, Shawn will be seen on the small screen. So his fans are quite overwhelmed.
In the "Mon Phagun" serial, Shawn's character is named Rishiraj and Srijala's character is named Pihu. The love story of Rishiraj and Pihu will be seen in the serial 'Mon Phagun'. Rishiraj means Shawn will be seen in the role of guide in this series. Mon Phagun's promo was shot in a hilly area. Seeing that, the question arises, but can the background of this story be North Bengal?
There is no dialogue in the promo. Only Shawn Banerjee's heroic entry in a hilly location, and the heroine's creation in a lascivious avatar. The song 'Batase Gungun' from Raj Chakraborty's 'Chirodini Tumi Je Amar' can be heard in the background. It is clear that this song has been used to convey the feeling of first love. Although fans are not particularly happy with this promo. Shawn fans are overwhelmed with the comeback of the favorite hero, but ‘Hian’ fans are quite upset about the absence of Anamika (Hiya). In a threatening tone, many viewers wrote in the comment box - ‘Let's see how long this serial will last?’, Many again expressed their dissatisfaction with the promo and wrote, ‘What promo is this? When you play an old movie song, it becomes a promo? Mathamundu has nothing. The heroine flew away, went to the hero, and then ran away laughing… the diameter promo is over '.

mon fagun star jalsa

The channel authorities released the first look of the series on Friday, April 9 in front of the viewers. Although this is the first series starring Srijala, this actress has another identity. That is - Aparajita Apu famous actor Rohan Bhattacharya's lover Srijala. Rohan's boyfriend is excited about his new innings. He wrote in the promo comment box, 'Wow… I like it, if you make my day a success, Srijala'. Comes with many heart emojis.
No information has yet been received from the Star Jalsa authorities as to when this series will start, or which series will be replaced by 'Mon Fagun'
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