11 Jun 2021

Hai Taubba Chaapter 2 Web Series Cast, Wiki, Release date, Trailer, Video and All Episodes

Hai Taubba Chaapter 2 Web Series Cast,

After the victory of the first season of the web series Hai Taubba, the makers had delivered the launch of its second chapter of Hai Taubba, which is a Hindi web series of AltBalaji.
The second chapter of Hai Taubba Chapter is a fantasy drama series, again having four episodes and stories as it was likewise in its first chapter Hai Taubba. Chapter 2 is yet another collection of four Entertaining tales about links that do not adhere to societal standards. The very first episode, Pink, rotates around some of the good friends going over a rocky patch in their relations while a yearly get- together only has worsened their bonds beyond repair. Episode 2, White, traverses the story of a social media famous influencer Taniya, who is also ready to lay in her proposal to enhance her fame.
A different collection of stories
Unskilled performances and acting
Somewhat titillating treatment
Requires well-etched personalities
Did I like It?
In sections
Will I Recommend It?
Simply if You Own the Longing to Watch LGBTQ dark Dramas
The penultimate tale, Silver, is centered on two known young filmmakers Pooja and Shlok who see themselves in a troublesome spot when their other casts do not meet their required expectations during the process of filming a project. The last episode, Blue, is all about the intense friendship and bond that two closeted and homosexuals, a marketing personality Trilok and a caterer Arjan and, form in a Goan resort.
The Performances?
There are not any of the known faces from the industry in the web show and their acting’s are not really up to the mark. Of the whole cast crossed the four parts, some of those names that surprise include Kashish Rai, Siddhant Mahajan, Bibriti Chatterjee, Ankita Chakraborty, Nishank Verma, and Poorti Arya. Most of these actors have amazing fit bodies, tremendous fashion sense but the same, we cannot claim about their so-called acting mettle.
Our Analysis
Hai Taubba, chapter 1 of AltBalaji’s web show about bonds and relationships goals that challenge societal rules, was among the preferred-filmed contents to have delivered on the OTT platform some of the weeks ago. While the tales were not path breaking, but there was a significant improvement in the observed treatment and a collective effort to reduce crassness. In addition, surprisingly quiet, this second chapter of continues this drive. The four different stories are as different as chalk and butter while the struggles in the events are rooted at the related time.
Pink, the real weakest and vulnerable of the 4, is about a connection that kills many equating within a gathering. A couple in their gang is struggling through a harsh divorce, another lady struggles to pass on from an ex, the 20s some man is waiting endlessly to propose his childhood lover while there is a gay fellow who is yet to coincide the companion of his fantasies. Though the battle in the narrative around disordered relationships is made well, the end is abrupt. While the maker may hold an idea to leave the entire episode open-finished, the end is only dark/obscure.
White is really a newfangled story, but entertaining and fun and are about negative fame and the dangers of modern-day connections. While the centre of the episode might have been around the need for approval in relationships, the lively treatment of a Tinder app hookup-which has gone wrong puts you funded in the story. Silver, another penultimate episode, is written intriguingly and draws up many related subjects including that objectification of women, the regulations encompassing homosexuality and then the constraints of the web world.
The last, Blue, is the one of best of them all, turning around two closeted and homosexuals and elegantly emphasizing the importance of love over sex in relationships. It also shows the value of self- acceptance, including the folly of living in rejection. The finish has a nice poetic touch and exercises the gender look a little too distant, but the various things the filmmaker to handles unexpressed emotion that haunts you. Chapter 2 is one more step in the outward direction for Ekta's AltBalaji. The storytelling craft can be perfect, but the
honesty in the purposes deserves praise.

Hai Taubba Chaapter 2 Wiki
Release DateMay 21, 2021
OTT PlatformALT Balaji
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting LocationMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Banner/ProductionAlt Balaji Presents
DirectorSarthak Dasgupta

Hai Taubba Chaapter 2 Actors Name with Wiki
Poorti Arya Poorti Arya
Ankitaa Chakraborty Ankitaa Chakraborty
Tapan Singh Tapan Singh
Akshaye Bindra Akshaye Bindra
Ritu Chauhan Ritu Chauhan
no image Nishank Verma
Akshita Agnihotri Akshita Agnihotri
Kashish Rai Kashish Rai
Advait Kottary Advait Kottary
Gautam Vig Gautam Vig
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  • Hai Taubba Chaapter 2 will be streaming on the ALT Balaji. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the ALT Balaji
  • Watch web series Hai Taubba Chaapter 2 on the ALT Balaji

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