6 Aug 2021

Nima Denzongpa Cast, Story, Release date, Trailer, News and All Episodes

Nima Denzongpa colors tv show
Colors TV yielded a promo of its latest TV show drama Nima Denzongpa. Starring Assamese actor Surabhi Das, this new show focuses on the travails of a northeastern woman in Mumbai. The channel Colors TV is solely set to bring a different TV show named Nima Denzongpa, having Surabhi Das in the leading role. This show shall put the light on the travails of a northeastern girl identified Nima, who shall move from her community in Sikkim to the city of Mumbai for her true love.
NIMA DENZONGPA TO BE PREMIERING SOON IN THE CHANNEL COLORS TV- this Assam actor Surabhi Das All prepared to do her Debut in Colors TVchannel with the new show named 'Nima Denzongpa' Colors TV dealt the first promo of their new Nima Denzongpa recently, on their social media. In the teaser, Surabhi Das proposes herself as Nima who transmits her loved people to pursue her goals in Mumbai wherever she is called by various names. With this promo, there is also a disclaimer appearing that states that colors tv is is trying to abolish the racial prejudice subjected to oneself from northeastern India.
Is Colors TV’s latest show named ‘Nima Denzongpa’ culturally unsuitable? Most have challenged the web series to be 'culturally unsuitable' while a fine amount of people have recommended the show with their positive comments before mentioned as 'can’t wait.
The trailer was released in the earlier month of July 28, which exhibits how the lead faces the issue of racism when she reaches the city of Mumbai. The edge of the story examines the racism issue. However, most from the Sikkim have commanded that this trailer of the upcoming show shows itself how North Eastern are not served properly.

However, a local known YouTuber named Sangay Vlogs has built some buzz with her 11 -minute running video demonstrating how this new show is ‘culturally unsuitable’. She creates her vlog by improving the process the title ‘Denzongpa’ is declared by the lead star, highlighting that how it went very wrong.
SURABHI DAS Executes HER HINDI small screen DEBUT WITH this colors TV show named NIMA DENZONgPA
Surabhi Das, who is performing her first-ever Hindi TV appearance with this upcoming show Nima Denzongpa, also yielded the first promo on her own social media Instagram handle. She inscribed that this is around how destiny operates maybe thus, presenting the new show Nima Denzongpa in front of her fans. Her first Hindi TV debut with a compelling show and account like ‘Nima Denzongpa’. The tale of Nima is not particularly close to her heart though it is something that she has always lived and encountered at any point in her life.
The actor further added that she is grateful that within Nima’s journey, the onlookers will learn to know the exertions that bodies of North East India pass by as they are controlled to many objections and even named names, intentionally or unknowingly. This is an enthusiastic new start for her and the actor really hope that through this new show, they can subdue many myths and impress million hearts. Hence, she just asked all to bestow their positivity, consent, and love.
Surabhi Das is a famous Assamese known actor. She is recognised for her performance in the popular Assamese TV drama show Parineeta. The tale of her new show titled Nima Denzongpa serial rotates around a cute girl (Nima) belonging to India's northeast region i.e. Sikkim who goes shifted to the big city of Mumbai with her all love. The actor rose to fame when she played the popular character in her Assamese show called 'Parineeta.' That show was a big success; furthermore, she is also well known to be an extrovert in nature and an enthusiastic one.
Nima Denzongpa Starting Date- Show name- Nima Denzongpa (नीमा डेंजोंगपा)
Channel - Colors TV also Voot
Produced - Peninsula Pictures
Starting Date -- 23rd August 2021
Telecast Time-- Mon-Fri at 9:00 PM

Nima Denzongpa is likely to get a premiere on Colors TV in the mid of this month. The new show will probably be reportedly replacing the show named Namak Issk Ka.
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