8 Jul 2022

Palang Tod | Palang Tod web series list watch inside the close door

  • Palang Tod (Damaad Ji-Season 2)-Part 1

    Palang Tod (Damaad Ji - Season 2) - Part 1
    Actress Name: Rajsi Verma, Aayushi Jaiswal, and Muskaan Agarwal

    Ranjana has secured her stay with Mohan for a longer time. Rakesh finds out about their secret affair and blackmails Mohan into having sex with Ranjana. What seemed a gesture of empathy, turns out to be a cunning ploy of events that neither Mohan nor Rakesh could’ve seen coming

  • Palang Tod (Damaad Ji - Season 2)

    Palang Tod (Damaad Ji - Season 2)
    Actress Name: Rajsi Verma, Aayushi Jaiswal, and Muskaan Agarwal
  • Palang Tod-Zaroorat

    Palang Tod-Zaroorat
    Actress Name: Sharanya Jit Kaur

    Kamlesh is paralyzed and Savita is his housekeeper, who takes care of all his needs along with the household chores. One day, Savita notices some body movement in Kamlesh which happened because kamlesh accidentally touched her cleavage Savita then decides to treat Kamlesh using her body and then starts a journey full of fantasies.

  • Palang Tod-Beta Aashiq, Baap Ayyash

    Palang Tod-Beta Aashiq Baap Ayyash
    Actress Name: Aditi Kohali

    Nitya and Riyaan are in a relationship and want to explore the extremes of physical pleasures. Coincidentally, Nitya meets Samarth, Riyaan's father, and makes out with him. She knows she made a mistake that gave her the pleasures she can't resist anymore.

  • Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2

    Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2
    Actress Name: Mahi Kaur

    Maami was troubled by the cold relationship with her husband. Her life was filled with new colors with the arrival of Mansi and Madan. She hoped that this would wake up some desires in Mama’s heart, but this curiosity of trying something new brought such a twist in her life that she had never imagined.

  • Palang Tod Caretaker 2

    Palang Tod Caretaker 2
    Actress Name: Divashree Sharma,Paromita Dey

    Aayush's reckless bike ride renders him bedridden, while his helpless mother is compelled to search for a caretaker. An endless search for an appropriate candidate eventually ends up with a beautiful intern Shanaya. Will Shanaya succeed in recovering Aayush or is this a start of a new desire?.

  • Palang Tod Anniversary Gift

    Palang Tod Anniversary Gift
    Actress Name: Revathi Acharyy

    Ishika's entry into Ayush's gym kicks starts a romantic affair between the two sizzling souls. But Ishika soon resorts to blackmail and hurls Ayush into paid intimacy. The physical abuse by love-hungry women enrages Ayush to take a drastic step.

  • Palang Tod Blackmail

    Palang Tod Blackmail
    Actress Name: Simran Khan
  • Palang Tod Saas Bahu & NRI

    Palang Tod Saas Bahu & NRI
    Actress Name: Rajsi Verma and Paromita Dey

    When the sounds of steamy session of a newlywed reach the lonesome mother-in-law, she discovers various means to calm herself. The wife's NRI brother acknowledges her need for love, but instead the wife ends up fulfilling the mother-in-laws temptations.

  • Palang Tod Kirayedaar

    Palang Tod Kirayedaar
    Actress Name: Pamela Mondal and Hina Khan

    A husband gets a new tenant to occupy his sister's old room, unwarranted that his sister is returning to stay with him. As the notorious tenant starts to flirt with the sister, his actual target remains her sister-in-law.

  • Palang Tod Friend Request

    Palang Tod Friend Reques
    Actress Name: Mishti bsu and Akanksha Hans

    Two young upbeat actresses cum roommates spend most of their time chatting with boys to spice up their struggling lives. One day an accidental friend request propels one roommate into a big role in a series leading insecurity in the mind of other.

  • Palang Tod Sazaa Ya Mazaa

    Palang Tod Sazaa Ya Mazaa
    Actress Name: Palak Singh

    In an attempt to revive a 5 year old affair, Majnu watches some sizzling videos which irritates his girlfriend Laila. Laila steals his phone and binges two hot videos. One is of a staunch devotee Priyanka who has sworn never get physically intimate while other is of a struggling actor who is discarded for his inability to perform in an intimate film scene.

  • Palang Tod Naye Padosi

    Palang Tod Naye Padosi
    Actress Name: Rekha Mona Sarkar and Pihu Singh

    Rahul wakes up with a jolt when he hears ghostly sounds from locked neighborhood, but it's just the new couple moved in having a loud romantic session. Rahul's maid is the common thread between the two who is about to unknowingly tie a knot of secret fantasies between Rahul and the tempting wife next door.

  • Palang Tod Saali Aadhi Gharwaali

    Palang Tod Saali Aadhi Gharwaali
    Actress Name: Hiral Radadiya

    Shalini abruptly switches her stance keeping her boyfriend over the edge. Sometimes she desires for slow romantic intimacy while suddenly she shows her wild side. The confused boyfriend eventually realizes the shocking truth about her dead twin sister Kamini. Watch the excitement unfold in 'PALANG TOD SAALI AADHI GHARWALI'.

  • Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar

    Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar
    Actress Name: Mishti Basu

    Nandini is exceedingly frustrated with the performance of her husband in the nightly hours but she is unaware that a brooding youngster will soon resolve her hankering. When even her brother-in-law fails to gratify her, he arranges for a third guy. Will Nandini ever find complete satisfaction in 'PALANG TOD - AADHA ADHURA PYAAR'!

  • Palang Tod Shor

    Palang Tod Shor
    Actress Name: Rekha Mona Sarkar

    Bored of a not so exciting husband, the wife was love lost until a sizzling hot married neighbour made her heart skip a beat. The hindrance of their partners was soon resolved and their stars aligned for a steamy loud encounter. Watch Now "Palang Tod Shor"!

  • Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi

    Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi
    Actress Name: Mahi Kaur

    A city boy is stunned by his uncle and aunt's steamy love moments that surprisingly brew in a humble village. Forlorn by the touch of a lover the boy plans to calm her aunt's disgruntle from her husband. To what length will the nephew go and break the rigid desi palang? Watch Now, Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi!

  • Palang Tod Bekaboo Dil

    Palang Tod Bekaboo Dili
    Actress Name: Muskan Agrawal

    When the path of romantic fantasies collides with a lonesome love seeker, a wave of romance breaks the boundaries of relations. When Shreya’s father brings a friend to stay at his house, he witnesses Shreya’s midnight fantasies and decides to make a profit from this scenario. What will be the way to achieve the quest of desires? "PALANG TOD - BEKABOO DIL".

  • Palang Tod Caretaker

    Palang Tod Caretaker
    Actress Name: Simran Khan

    The game of desire exposes many secrets when a sensuous physiotherapist is hired to heal the prolonged pain of an elderly man by his son. Aghast a peek into the married son's sensual act with this 'caretaker' stirs up the father's desires. What would be the journey of this obsession? PALANG TOD "CARETAKER".

  • Palang Tod Double Dhamaka

    Palang Tod Double Dhamaka
    Actress Name: Rajsi Verma

    A lonely women's fascination towards her nephew sparks a sensual chemistry between them. Even more exquisite was her sister indulgence in this sexual liaison. What will be the voyage of these extraordinary trio? Palang Tod - "DOUBLE DHAMAKA".

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