11 Oct 2023

Andar Ki Baat Web Series Actresses, Full Videos Watch Online and Download Free For Subscribers

Andar Ki Baat Web Series

In today's article, we have some good news for Riddhima Tiwari's fans and Ullu App subscribers. Additionally, we will also talk about the other newcomer actress Sofiya Sheikh.

Today, we are talking about Ullu App's upcoming web series, "Andar Ki Baat.""Andar Ki Baat" is a new drama web series going to be released on Ullu's digital platform. The trailer is currently available on Ullu OTT and the website, as well as on various social media platforms. This web series is led by two renowned actresses from the industry, Ridhima Tiwari and Sofia Shaikh. Sofia Shaikh is a young, slim, and beautiful actress whose web series, "Gaon Ki Garmi 4," was just released on the Ullu platform last week.

Ridhima Tiwari, also known as Natasha Rajeshwari, has starred in many web series on Ullu but had not been seen in a Ullu web series for a few months. Now, after a long break, she is back with a fantastic role in this web series.

Audiences will surely appreciate the pairing of Riddhima and Sofia. "Andar Ki Baat" revolves around the story of two sisters-in-law. The entire neighborhood's young boys are smitten by these two sisters, but the sisters-in-law know how to handle them. The story is filled with comedy, romance, and drama, and audiences will enjoy the playful style of both actresses.

The release date for the web series is set for September 29, 2023, and it is intended for subscribers aged 18 and above.

Andar Ki Baat full videos

Ullu App Andar Ki Baat Wiki

Release DateSep 29, 2023
GenreDrama | Romance
OTT PlatformUllu App
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionUllu Digital Presents
ProducerUllu Digital

Andar Ki Baat cast(s) name

Sofiya Shaikh Sofiya Shaikh - as - Deepa
Natasha Rajsewari Natasha Rajsewari - as - Sadhna
no image Anshuman Kandwal - as - Brijesh
no image Parth Sunil Bartakke - as - Veeru
no image Danish Kapai - as - Bablu
no image Sandeep Kumar - as - Sumit

Web series Andar Ki Baat Trailer

How to Watch Andar Ki Baat Web Series full episode online?

  • Andar Ki Baat will be streaming on the Ullu App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the Ullu App
  • Watch web series Andar Ki Baat on the Ullu App


What is the release date of Andar Ki Baat web series
The release date of Andar Ki Baat is 29th September 2023
What is the star cast of Andar Ki Baat?
The star cast of Andar Ki Baat are : Sofiya Shaikh, Natasha Rajsewari, .
What are the popular web series of Sofiya Shaikh?
Andar Ki Baat,Gaon ki Garmi Season 4 Part 2,Gaon ki Garmi Season 4
What are the popular web series of Natasha Rajsewari?
Andar Ki Baat,Betab Ishq,61 62 Online Romance,Mol Ki Bahu,Kitaab ka Raaz,Official Rajni Kaand 2,Walkman Part 3,Walkman Part 2,Walkman,Vasu
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