19 Nov 2023

Nathuniya Web Series Actresses, Trailer, Cast And Full Videos Watch Online on VOOVI APP

Nathuniya Web Series

VOOVI APP is back with another brand-new web series titled "NATHUNIYA." Following the grand success of the recently released web series "Imli Bhabhi," Siti Maar Sajanwa Chaar Sahilya OTT is gearing up to unveil another fantasy drama web series - "Nathuniya." The trailer for the Nathuniya web series has been launched on various social media platforms, including YouTube. Upon viewing the trailer, it becomes evident that this web series not only features romantic scenes and strong language but also boasts a compelling storyline.

While the web series does seem to revolve around physical relationships, it also portrays a poignant love story. In this narrative, the king does not reciprocate the affection of his queen, who deeply loves him and goes to great lengths to capture his attention. However, the king's affections lean towards other women, particularly a young woman from a poor village who is already in love with someone else. A twist in the story unfolds when the queen appears to grow close to someone else in the king's absence.

Regarding the cast of the web series, Rani Pari takes on the lead role, alongside a new actress named Prachi Lengre. There isn't much public information available about Prachi Lengre, suggesting that this might be her debut in a major project in the fantasy genre.

Nathuniya part 2

Nathuniya part 2 web series trailer

Nathuniya part 3

Nathuniya part 3 web series trailer

Rani pari web series Nathuniya

The second leading actress is Prachi Langar, about whom limited information is available in the public domain. It appears that she might be taking on a significant project for the first time.

In addition to these actresses, Vinod Tripathi and others play prominent roles in the series. The release date for VOOVI app's new web series, "Nathuniya," is scheduled for November 3, 2023.

Voovi app Nathuniya Wiki

Part 1 release date3rd November 2023
Part 2 release date10th November 2023
Part 3 release date17th November 2023
OTT PlatformVoovi app
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionVoovi Ltd.

Nathuniya cast(s) name

Rani Pari Rani Pari
Vinod Tripathi Vinod Tripathi
Prachi Lengare Prachi Lengare

Web series Nathuniya Trailer

How to Watch Nathuniya Web Series full episode online?

  • Nathuniya will be streaming on the Voovi app. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the Voovi app
  • Watch web series Nathuniya on the Voovi app


What is the release date of Nathuniya web series?
The release date of Nathuniya is 3rd November 2023
What is the star cast of Nathuniya?
The star cast of Nathuniya are: Rani Pari, Vinod Tripathi, Prachi Lengare, .
What are the popular web series of Rani Pari?
Nathuniya,Pehredaar 5 ,Madhushala,Maangalik,Pehredaar 4,Dosti,Chhoti Bahu,Sauda,Adhuri Aas,Pehredaar 3
What are the popular web series of Vinod Tripathi?
Nathuniya,Bagal Wali,Amrapali,Roopmati,Jalebi Part 3,Desire Papa,Saloni,Adhuri Aas,Bali Umar ,Dr Chaurasiya
What are the popular web series of Prachi Lengare?
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