27 Jun 2022

Jaal Part 2 web series streaming now on Ullu app and website
Release Date28th July 2022
ActressesMuskaan Agarwal, Taniya Chatterjee and Dona Munshi
Jaal Part 2 web series

If you already watched the Jaal part 1 web series then good news for you because the Ullu app released the remaining episodes of the Jaal web series. Jaal Part 1 has three episodes and it was released on 21st June 2022. Now the Ullu app released the Jaal Part 2 web series. Jaal part 2 web series story start that was to end on the part 1. If we talk about the actress of the web series, all the three actresses are beautiful and they did her best performance.  


Jaal Part 2 web series actresses 

Most of the Ullu app subscribers watch the shows just because of beautiful actresses. There are three beautiful actresses in this web series. These  actresses are Muskaan Agarwal, Taniya Chatterjee, and Donam Munshi. All the actresses are really beautiful and known for works in many web series and short films. 

Muskaan Agarwal 

Muskaan Agarwal is a beautiful actress who has a massive fan following on social media and she always shares her beautiful pictures and reel. She is associated with many Indian OTT platforms and continues working for them. Her newly released web series are 61-62 Laila O Laila, Damad Ji Palang Tod, Chaar Saheliya, Sach Much, Chanda Aur Chandan, Live Streaming Charmsukh and many others. 

Taniya Chatterjee

Taniya Chatterjee is a young beautiful actress and model. She is best known for works in the Alt Balaji web series Gandi Baat 4. She portrayed the role of Chandani. She also appeared in many other Ullu web series Kasak. 

Dona Munshi

Dona Munshi is known for acting in many Indoori Ishq and Karwan.  She is very much active on social media and she has approx 23 thousand followers on Instagram. 

Jaal Part2 Web series release Date : Ullu new web series released on Ullu app and website on 28th June 2022.

Ullu App Jaal Part 2 Wiki

Release DateJun 28, 2022
OTT PlatformUllu App
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionUllu Digital Presents
ProducerVibhu Agarwal

Jaal Part 2 cast(s) name

Taniya Chatterjee Taniya Chatterjee
Muskaan Agarwal Muskaan Agarwal
no image Ashraf Saifi
Abhi Rizvi Abhi Rizvi
Ramesh Goyal Ramesh Goyal
Donna Munshi Donna Munshi
Hritik Yadav Hritik Yadav

Web series Jaal Part 2 Trailer

How to Watch Jaal Part 2 Web Series full episode online?

  • Jaal Part 2 will be streaming on the Ullu App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the Ullu App
  • Watch web series Jaal Part 2 on the Ullu App

26 Jun 2022

Charmsukh web series entertain you different ways
Charmsukh web series

Charmsukh is one of the popular web series that is streaming on Ullu OTT platform. Ullu app started to release this web series approx two years ago and it help to gain popularity of Ullu OTT. Chaarmsukh web series new seasons released on a time span.  Till now Ullu released more than 20 seasons of this web series and it helped to gain a subscriber base.  Charmsukh actresses are more bol*er than other web series actresses. Ullu always comes to a new story concept and tries to cast new actresses. So many popular actresses worked in Charmsukh web series.  Here is the complete list of Charamsukh web series.  

  • Charmsukh Sauda

    Charmsukh Sauda
    Actress name : Ira Soni and Trisha Choudhary

    Story : A helpless father is forced to surrender his daughters to a man in return of a hefty loan. Life was all happy in the beginning until one day the man began to show his true colors and soon everything went out of control for both the sisters. Will they ever overcome the trap of sorrow and humiliation? To know, watch the journey of two sisters in Charmsukh -Sauda.

  • Charmsukh Promotion

    Charmsukh Promotion
    Actress name : Hiral Radadiya and Mahi Kamla

    Story: The excitement about his new job at a call center takes a different turn. Where his team leader demands work but also to satisfy her sexual desires. Failing to meet her expectation, she gives him 2 weeks' notice. Eventually to save his job he starts luring his colleague to improve his sexual performance. Will he succeed in saving his job? Charamsukh “PROMOTION”

  • Charmsukh Karna Zaruri Hai

    Charmsukh Karna Zaruri Hai
    Actress name : Kasturi Chhetri and Pallavi Mukherjee

    Infatuation is something we all have experienced in our lives. It can happen anywhere anytime for that one special person. Watch how a passionate couple struggles for a place to make out and how they end up doing unexpected?, Charamsukh story of a passionate couple 'Karna Zaruri Hai'

  • Charmsukh Ek Khwab Suhaag Rat

    Charmsukh Ek Khwab SuhaagRat
    Actress name : Pallavi Mukherjee

    Young Archana has a dream to marry a prince charming and have a very exciting first night. She got lucky and marries with the one, but the first night turns into the worst dream of her life leaving her in chaos. Find out the journey of a girl to the survival of her life in the full episode of Charmsukh, "Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat".

  • Charmsukh Meri Padosan

    Charmsukh Meri Padosan
    Actress name : Unika Ray ans Neha Mandal

    ome fantasies are dreams but for one guy his dreams became his fantasies. He was able to explore all his dark desires with any woman he wished to but only in his dreams, untill the new hot neighbour left him spellbound. Witness now, if he is able to complete his fantasy with "Meri Padosan"!

  • Charmsukh Kamwali Bai

    Charmsukh Kamwali Bai
    Actress name : Arohi Dike and Garima Maurya

    A 'Kaamwali bai' is trapped between needs and demands. The weightage of the demands from her lover's mom has made her helpless. And then she gets an offer to make her life the way she wants, but for that, she will have to compromise her most beloved thing. Will the Kamwali bai choose the path of compromise? Watch the new episode of Chramsukh Kaamwali Bai.

  • Charmsukh Train

    Charmsukh Train
    Actress name : Zeliya Christopher

    Juhi was on a train journey with her mother when she met Nilesh, a stranger who ignited an unknown, desperate urge in her. Nilesh feels the same and they decide to make out but, fail to do so which leaves their desires incomplete. Looking for another chance with Nilesh, Juhi goes to his seat at night, where a dangerous twist awaits her.

  • Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap

    Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap
    Actress name : Sharanya Jeet Kaur and Aayushi Jaiswal

    After multiple failed attempts of a newlywed bride to learn tailoring, her husband seeks help from a seasoned tailor Chinki. Chinki's fascination for female touch, thrills the bride and she gets carried away by this new sensation. How will the husband react on discovering the relationship of her wife with another woman?

  • Charmsukh Highway

    Charmsukh Highway
    Actress name : Supriya Shukla

    A journey to her dreams, Tanya decides to led her fortune on her decisions, but a long night on highway and a small fight with her parents brought tough time of decisions, leaving her in confusion what to choose and what not. A story of a girl hanging in the trouble of love and relations

  • Charmsukh Hum Se Na Ho Payega

    Charmsukh Humse Na Ho Payega
    Actress name : Luviena Lodh

    An unwanted turnout in the pleasant moments of a newly-wed. The more they create an opportunity for romance, the more they get affected by the surroundings. And the struggle to complete their desire continues. Will they ever have it? Watch Charmsukh, 'Humse Na ho Payega'

  • Charmsukh Tution Teacher

    Charmsukh Tution Teacher
    Actress name : Amika Shail and Gitashree Shil

    Concerned about his son Shreyas's studies, Atharva hires a tuition teacher. Slowly Shreyas and the teacher build up a bond and he falls for her. On the other hand, Atharva is also seeing her secretly and Shreyas is left heartbroken when he sees her making out with his father.

  • Charmsukh Role Play

    Charmsukh Roleplay
    Actress name : Divya Burman

    On doctor’s advice, newlyweds try to experiment with unique ways to spice up their sexual fantasies and encounters. Soon the guy goes berserk and the girl balks this quirky adventure. Will they reconcile? Watch Charmsukh: “Role Play”

  • Charmsukh Pajama Party

    Charmsukh Pajama Party
    Actress name : Jayati Thakar

    A never to break promise with a beloved one brings trouble in Rahul's new journey of dreams. He has been used as a bait for the greed of his friends landing him in a difficult situation to choose between keeping the promise or break it. Will Rahul be able to keep his promise alive and protect his relation? To find out, Watch the Episode-6 of Charmsukh,'PAJAMA PARTY'

  • Charmsukh Salahkar

    Charmsukh Salahkaar
    Actress name : Mishti Basu

    Rarely does a wife complain if her husband is unable to please her in bed, but on husband's insistance she reveals her dissatisfaction. On a friend's advice the husband invites the man of wife's choice to share a bed with them. Will the two men be able to please the woman of the house or discover lust for each other?

  • Charmsukh Telephone Booth

    Charmsukh Telephone Booth
    Actress name : Rimjhim Das

    Couple in a long-distance relationship connected by a telephone booth, spending time on calls. Some of their information leaks and the couple lands into the trouble. Moreover, girl becomes victim of fraud. How will they emerge from the trap of a telephone booth?

  • Charmsukh Jaane Anjane Me 3

    Charmsukh Jaane Anjane Me 3
    Actress name : Jinnie Jaaz and Vaanya Singh

    When libido overpowers morality, it leaves a lusty tale. Raj battles such feelings for his aunt, Urmila. When she's asleep, he takes advantage of her, but little did he know that Urmila is already devicing a plan for him!

  • Charmsukh Chawl House 2

    Charmsukh Chawl House 2
    Actress name : Sneha Paul

    Rohit was immersed in the memories of the moments he spent with Renu. He was waiting for the day when he would get a chance to be with her again, his wish was fulfilled when the queen of his dreams came to his village house. Now, the question is, if Rohit’s desire to get Renu will be fulfilled or strange fantasy will take an unexpected turn?

  • Charmsukh Impotent

    Charmsukh Impotent
    Actress name : Gitashree Shil and Amika Shail

    Ajay is an impotent, and in order to save his public image, he comes up with a master plan. He marries a blind girl, Rashmi. Ajay plans to take advantage of her blindness and sends someone else to Rashmi in his place on the first night of their marriage. But, is Ajay actually the master planner.

25 Jun 2022

Ullu web series actress name list with photo's and profile
Ullu web series actress name and list with photo's