31 Aug 2020

List of top 10 popular Bhojpuri male singers old and new, Gayak, Bhojpuri folk singers biography, filmography photos

A Compelete list of Bhojpuri Male Singers old and new

Singing is an art. Singing always give peace and refresh from stress. Bhojpuri singers has attained great height of popularity in the Bhojpuri flims industry and Bhojpuri region. There are so many types of singers in Bhojpuri film industries. Mostly Bhojpuri singers are actor or politician and they are popular in society. They perform different types of Bhojpuri cultural songs like Biraha, Nirgun, Devi geet, Alha Udal, Chaita, Holi geet, Kanwar Bhajan, Pachra and others. www.bhojpurifilmiduniya.com compiled a list of popular Bhojpuri male sigers with his biography and pictures.

Ajay Pandey

Diwakar Sharma

Diwakar Dwivedi

Govind Ojha

Indel Nirala

Jairaj Singh

Madan Rai

Ram Pyare Rajak

Tarun Tufani

Vishnu Ojha

Popular Bhojpuri singers Biography and best album collection

Khesari Lal Yadav Indu Sonali
Rakesh Mishra Khushboo Jain
Mamta Raut Mohan Rathod
Chhotu Chhaliya Alok Kumar
Vijay Lal Yadav Govind Ojha
Khushboo Uttam Tripti Shakya
Pawan Singh Chhote Baba
Gopal Rai Ajit Anand
Kalpana Malini Awasthi
Bharat Sharma Vyas Ritesh Pandey
Sharda Sinha

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