23 Apr 2019

Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se 2 Bhojpuri Movie Star casts, News, Wallpapers, Songs & Videos

Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se 2

Bhojpuri movie Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se 2 storyline

Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se -2 is a Bhojpuri directed and produced by Raj Kumar R. Pandey. Lead roles are Pradeep Pandey, Shurabhi Shukla, Monalisa, Shubhi Sharma, sanjay Pandey, Rahul Dev shakila majid Pushpa Sharma, Prem Dubey, K K Goswami and others.

भोजपुरी मूवी दुल्हन चाही पाकिस्तान से 2 डिटेल्स(details)

Release DateOct 16, 2018
GenreAction | Drama | Romance
BannerSai Deep Films

Bhojpuri film Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se 2 star cast(s)

Pradeep R. Pandey(Chintu) Pradeep R. Pandey(Chintu) Actor
no image Surbhi Shukla Actress
Shubham Tiwari Shubham Tiwari Actor
Aditya Ojha Aditya Ojha Actor
Sanjay Pandey Sanjay Pandey Actor
no image Raju Shrestha Actor
Priyanka Pandit Priyanka Pandit Actress
Monalisa Monalisa Actress
Shubhi Sharma Shubhi Sharma Actress
no image Prem Dubey Actor
Sanjeev Mishra Sanjeev Mishra Actor
Awantika Yadav Awantika Yadav Actress
Pushpa Verma Pushpa Verma Actress
K.K. Goswami K.K. Goswami Actor
Shakila Majid Shakila Majid Actress
Ali Khan Ali Khan Actor

Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se 2 crew members

no image Rikki GuptaChoreoGrapher
no image Kanu MukherjeeChoreoGrapher
no image Pappu KhannaChoreoGrapher
Ram DevanChoreoGrapher
no image Raju SabanaChoreoGrapher
Raj Kumar R. PandeyDirector
no image Ashok Kumar DeepLyricist
Raj Kumar R. PandeyLyricist
Shyam DehatiLyricist
Raj Kumar R. PandeyMusic Director
no image Mahesh BankatPhotography Director
Raj Kumar R. PandeyProducer
no image Lal Ji YadavStory Writter

Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se 2 technical specifications

Color Info Color
Frame Rate 24 fps

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