25 Jul 2021

Asur Season 2 Web Series Cast, Wiki, Reelase date, Trailer, Video and All Episodes

Asur Season 2 Web Series

Hey fellas, all thriller mythological lovers, your long wait is just to get over as the second season is just around the corner to be served on the plate.
Here is all the exclusive dope on the much-awaited web series Asur Season that is set to woe you once again with its Season 2. Right from its release date to the plot, we have everything here on the plate for you want to grasp about this upcoming Season.
The first season is known to be India’s primary mythological suspense thriller web series ‘Asur ‘was a tremendous hit. It is the entirety of the top-rated Hindi web series, which had an IMDb average of 8.5 out of 10. We saw the amazing duo of Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti in the earlier season. The actors have begun shooting for the second part of Asur Season.
The following streaming programs witnessed a precipitous rise during this sad lockdown. Less familiar streaming stages like Voot, and MX Player, Zee5, fetched enormous viewership when their audience and people were forced to be at their houses. At a moment when this digital entertainment place was congested, one thriller show, which began its mark, can be Voot’s mythological suspense thriller titled Asur. Having actors Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, the first one of ‘Asur’ is based on a crime thriller that blends Hindu mythology including seamless forensic science. It was released earlier this year on 1 March; the first part received a hugely positive response. The audience enjoyed it owing to its exciting plot, detailed focused complete narration, and of course, the main cast's top-notch acts. After this success of their first season, the followers are now expecting much for the following season.
Shall there be a second season of Asur season?
Yes, Asur is presently all set to earn a major comeback with their most-awaited next season! Main stars of the inaugural season Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti already have begun the show's shooting. So grab your seats for this much-anticipated second season of psychological thriller suspense Asur 2. The second
period of Asur is touted to be despite the different captivating stories, which will transmit the viewers captivated, excited, and interested.
Talking about the second season of Asur 2, the main lead Arshad Warsi, who performs the charatcer of Dhananjay Singh, said that he is really overjoyed to begin shooting over. As far as his career progresses, Asur is an example of the best stuff that has occurred to the actor. It was his first digital work marking his debut and with the first season being a tremendous hit. He feels very thrilled to comprehend how fans will respond to their brand-new season. While they have started shooting over, the entire team is motivated and is going remarkably hard to exercise second season 2 to take this to the completely next level. If you have a strong first season, there is evermore a feeling of pressure and turbulence. However, this is the most suited kind of stress, which retains you motivated to perform better and draw out the best and amazing in all of us.
The second season of Asur Season - release date
Asur will not only be Voot’s but one of the top-rated Indian web series having an IMDb score of 8.5 (52000+ votes). Considering the huge popularity, people are expecting the second season to come sooner than anticipated. The shooting for the second season began on July 16, 2021. It is working on in full motion in Delhi. Presently they will cover up the first list and go to a new destination. Season 2 of this web series shall be executed in Varanasi, Delhi, and Manali.
Recognizing that it needs four months to shoot and about two for post-production, the audience can assume the second season of Asur season 2 to get its release in the opening quarter of 2022. Nevertheless, the filming plan depends on the circumstances like lockdown.
Second season of Asur Season 2 - Cast Members
Aside from the roles who died in the primary season, the principal star cast would continue to be the same. We will not witness Sharib Hashmi who performed Officer Lolark Dubey as he died in the first part. Therefore, he will surely not be a member of the following season. However, we will see actors such as Arshad Warsi, Anupriya Goenka, Barun Sobti, Ridhi Dogra, Vishesh Bansal, and Amey Wagh, who will be reprising their unforgettable roles.
As per some reputable reports, we shall also see some of the fresh new faces in this coming second season combining with their lead cast.
The second season of Asur Season - Expected Plot
In the first period, we noticed a cat and rat game within a cruel serial killer and CBI team head by super cool forensic officer Nikhil Nair ( played by Barun Sobti) including Dhananjay Rajpoot ( played by Arshad Warsi). This second season surely promises more excitement as the entertainment and game of “sur- asur” or genuine vs evil proceeds. In the primary season, it almost became apparent that Shubh (our serial killer) was not all alone.
Now, in the forthcoming season, the fans may view the CBI team playing the unit of counterpart against this bunch of serial killers and cruel criminals inspired by some sinister intentions. The second season of Asur will be as interesting and inspiring as the past one.
The second season of Asur season - Trailer The trailer of this much-awaited second season of this series will soon be releasing nearby a month ere of its premiere. Meanwhile, let wait for the second season of Asur, which is one of the most entertained and best crime-thriller series in the Hindi digital space. If you truly love thriller content based shows, then this one is a must-watch. However, for those who have not watched the first season, then we must recommend them to witness it ASAP as it is available on Voot Select. In addition, you even can opt for Voot's free trial that continues for 14 days.

Asur Season 2 Wiki
Release DateUpcoming
GenreMythological Drama
OTT PlatformVoot Select
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
DirectorOni Sen
ProducerSejal Shah
ProducerGaurav Shukla
ProducerBhavesh Mandalia
Photography DirectorRamanuj Dutta

Asur Season 2 cast name
Barun Sobti Barun Sobti - as - Nikhil Nair
Arshad Warsi Arshad Warsi - as - Dhananjay Rajput
Ridhi Dogra Ridhi Dogra - as - Nusrat Saeed
Anupria Goenka Anupria Goenka - as - Naina Nair
no image Pawan Chopra - as - Shashank Awasthi
Amey Wagh Amey Wagh - as - Rasool Shaikh
Vishesh Bansal Vishesh Bansal - as - Shubh
Aayan Singh Aayan Singh
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How to Watch Asur Season 2 Web Series full episode online?

  • Asur Season 2 will be streaming on the Voot Select. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the Voot Select
  • Watch web series Asur Season 2 on the Voot Select

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