3 Sept 2021

Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Hoichoi’s New streaming Bengali Series- A Promising-of-Age Drama AND a journey of self-discovery

Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Hoichoi’s
Boyfriends & Girlfriends is being celebrated, as Hoichoi’s yet another fresh new streaming in Bengali language web Series. This will going to be a Promising-of-Age Drama tale, which will be based on a journey of self-discovery.
‘The excellence of love and affection is like good musicology. It is identical and timeless’. Don’t you agree with this fact?
Hoichoi TV has presently announced its freshest Bengali series, named “Boyfriends & Girlfriends.” The channel also revealed a chic pinkish & blue logo for this show, the bright colours obviously preferred to portray both the sexes. The show “Boyfriends & Girlfriends” shall premiere only on the channel Hoichoi TV starting on 3 September. This Hoichoi web series Boyfriends & Girlfriends is a brilliant-of-age tale of 20-something youth best friends including Soumya, Amit, and Bunty who go throughout life, connections and career post-college in a course of self-discovery and discover the significance of friendship.
Hoichoi web series Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Know about the cast and their characters
Ujaan (played by Riddhi Sen), growing from a well affluent family, chooses to quit his work and pursue the difficulty of comprising a singer-songwriter and estimates out on a quest of becoming self- satisfactory and ample. His quest takes him to another character Amrita (played by Ishaa Saha). Therefore, together they come into a relationship without even comprehending each other’s aims in life and skeletons from history. On the other side, Soumya (played by Rwitobroto Mukherjee) is split between seeing his father’s business associate's daughter named Shreya and viewing Riya, who occurs to be Amit’s ex-GF and the then lead to the pursuit of this development eventually formulates full on conflict and high voltage drama not simply in his love life and relationship but also majorly within the close friends. Therefore, what is the story about- confusion of enduring in social media and that converts into a trap
High voltage drama not simply in his love life and relationship but also majorly within the close friends
Bunty is the group’s peacemaker and starts seeing Sumana. With these unexpected events of life that unfolds, their friendship begins to be more effective than ever. Well, these boyfriends and girlfriends, through their exploration of love lost and gained, discover themselves in the means. The Web series, which will be soon streaming from tomorrow i.e. September 3 only on Hoichoi, is composed and designed by Mainak Bhaumik.

How is the idea behind this director of movies like Maach Mishti & More and also Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends watching at modern affection in this web series?
He stated that as a fan of Fresh Love these days happening around, this show and the new age generation, Boyfriends & Girlfriends is celebrating self-discovery basically. It is desperately adjudicating to understand the teens of today and estimate how far continuously are they from the director himself. In addition, to him, he thinks the necessary variety is the need to be active on social media. Toxicity and these trendy Insta quotes are also a word tossed around for kicks. Although to be impartial, the excellence of love and respect is like a good song. It is related and timeless. That the mood of slumping in love is as euphoric and slumping out is as unbearable as it has always been without he assume it is a little tough to leave through the confusion of enduring in social media and that converts into a trap.
It is like smelling like teen spirit while making this show He also believes that every now and then within the movies its right to go back in a future machine and see himself through this kaleidoscope. It is like smelling like teen spirit while making this show. To want to produce such a program was simply to see could he still understand them. And also he got such a fabulous cast. Suvankar Paul is the director of this youth-based series.
Composed and designed by the brilliant name The show has been composed and designed by as mentioned above, Mainak Bhaumik. He has earlier directed great-received movies such as Cheeni, Bornoporichoy, Ghare Bhaire, Aamra, among accounts of others. He also has made many award-winning must watched documentaries on threatened Indian ethnic folk art practices and culture.
Stars a bunch of young actors in main roles Well, this “Boyfriends & Girlfriends” is a brilliant and new-of-age romantic love- drama - romance- comedy, which chronicles the anecdote of three teen’s best friends and their love relationships. The web series stars a bunch of young actors such as Ishaa Saha, Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Riddhi Sen, Adrija Roy, Ujan Chatterjee, and Madhurima Ghosh in main roles.

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