3 Sept 2021

Nath–Zevar Ya Zanzeer Dangal TV Cast, story, Review, All Episodes and News

Meet Dangal's new show, Nath – Zevar Ya Zanzeer, a heartfelt journey of a Girl, who is confined in a conservative custom!
So here why meet Dangal's new show, which will give you a tour of a heartfelt journey of a Girl, who is confined in a conservative custom. The name is being titled Nath – Zevar Ya Zanzeer, so let us see what Dangal has in store for us in this fresh content.
Therefore, as we all know that there are many backward villages still prevails in some corners of India, which still have these conservative customs that are meant to exploit innocent women. This is the core idea behind this fresh show being launched by Dangal TV and is solely set to originate a new program being named – Nath – Zevar Ya Zanzeer that has already begun from last week i.e. Monday. This has been dated August 23.
Main leads of the show The program has roped up fresh couples - where Chahat Pandey will be seen playing the female lead and Arjit Taneja will be performing the male lead role. Chahat would be seen playing the role of Mahua, who is a small girl and is known to be very bright in her studies. Although she comes to grasp the news when she becomes 18, that she has been sold away and her ‘Nath Utrayi’ practice of the village or the very popular custom will soon be happening with her. on the other hand, Arjit Taneja has been cast to play the male lead opposite her.
Chahat Pandey, who performs the role of Mahua has been known and recognised to play many hit TV shows such as Durga, Pavitra Bandhan and Hamari Bahu Silk. also, the male lead of the show, Arjit Taneja who would be playing the character of Shambhu, has also been part of several hit TV shows including Bahu Begam, Kumkum Bhagya and Kaleere on TV.
The story turns around the familiar social custom of vulnerable helpless people

The story turns around the familiar social custom of vulnerable helpless people from the low community and such poor villages falling away from their innocent daughters in case the parents are not capable to repay their mortgages taken from the rich families or people or so-called Seth in villages. this is a journey of Mahua, an innocent bright girl in studies who when comes to comprehend the fact when she becomes 18 that she has been carried away to some rich family since her ‘Nath Utrayi’ system was soon to be happen ing with her since her poor family has sold her. Therefore, it would be really amazing to see how is this girl going to accept and struggle against all odds being happening with her. In addition, we would love to see what is in her destiny.
Talking about the other cast of the show
While talking about the other cast of the show, we will also see some other group of fine actors. Pratima Kanan is in the character of Durga and Ravi Gosain has been roped in to play the role of Avatar. The character of Gauri is presented by Piyomri Mehta whereas the role of Shambhu is impersonated by Arjit Taneja. Anurag Sharma is in the part of Ramesh while Anjana Singh is seen in the character of Padma. Some other cast would include Aanchal Tankwal as playing Radhe, and Radhika Chhabra as Reena. Likewise, Vaibhavi Kapoor is seen in the performance of Bundi and we will see Riya Bhattacharjee playing the part of Kajri.
When and where
The show has already been aired from Aug 23, every day except Sunday i.e Monday to Saturday. The timings are every night sharp at 10 pm only on channel Dangal TV.

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