20 Oct 2023

KHALISH: Ullu's New Web Series Unveils the Intriguing Mother-Daughter-in-Law Dynamic

Digital streaming platforms have just dropped the trailer for the highly anticipated web series "KHALISH" on various social media platforms, and audiences are eagerly watching and sharing their views. Many viewers are thrilled to see the pairing of two gorgeous actresses, PRIYA GAMRE and ALIYA NAAZ, in Ullu's new web series "KHALISH." Both actresses have a massive fan following on different social media platforms and have previously starred in other Ullu web series.


Actress Priya Gamre has gained popularity through her roles in Ullu web series such as Matki, Gachi, Charmsukh Majboori,Watchman,Maa Devrani Beti Jethani, and Siskiyaan Season 3. On the other hand, Aliya Naaz is a highly sought-after actress who has worked with various Indian OTT platforms, including Ullu. She has also headlined several other Ullu web series, such as "Choodiwala." Excitingly, "KHALISH" marks the first collaboration between Priya Gamre and Aliya Naaz in a Ullu web series.

The story of Ullu's web series "KHALISH" is truly intriguing, and we anticipate that subscribers will be delighted as they watch all the episodes. In the series, Priya Gamre portrays the role of a mother-in-law, while Aliya Naaz portrays the role of the daughter-in-law. The plot unfolds with the mother-in-law subjecting her daughter-in-law to torment, leaving the latter curious to uncover the reasons behind this animosity. The daughter-in-law devises a plan to address this issue, and the entire story revolves around this central theme.

It's important to note that Ullu web series are primarily designed for entertainment purposes and not meant to provide educational content. However, they serve as an excellent source of leisure and enjoyment for viewers.

Mark your calendars, as the release date for the "KHALISH" web series is scheduled for May 26th, 2023. The series will be available to all subscribers aged 18 and above, and it will be offered in different Indian languages. To stay updated with Ullu web series, make sure to visit the official website regularly.

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Ullu App Khalish Wiki

Release DateMay 26, 2023
GenreDrama | Romance
OTT PlatformUllu App
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionUllu Digital Presents
DirectorBhaumik Gaikwad
ProducerUllu Digital

Khalish cast(s) name

Priya Gamre Priya Gamre - as - Saas
Aliya Naaz Aliya Naaz - as - Dauhter-in-law(Bahu)
Bhanu Suryam Bhanu Suryam - as - Son
no image Abraham - as - Chacha

Web series Khalish Trailer

How to Watch Khalish Web Series full episode online?

  • Khalish will be streaming on the Ullu App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the Ullu App
  • Watch web series Khalish on the Ullu App


What is the release date of Khalish?
The release date of Khalish is 26th May 2023
What is the star cast of Khalish?
The star cast of Khalishare : Priya Gamre, Aliya Naaz, Bhanu Suryam, .
What are the popular web series of Priya Gamre?
Khalish,Pyas,Watchman Part 3,Watchman Part 2,Watchman,Kaand,Shadyantra Season 2,Dil Do Part 2,Dil Do Ullu,Siskiyaan Season 3 Part 2
What are the popular web series of Aliya Naaz?
Khalish,Chaska,Fevicool,KaroNaa,Tadap,Andha Dhundh 2,Kaam Purush,Mrs Teacher 3,Bhasad,Takk part 2
What are the popular web series of Bhanu Suryam?
Khalish,Gaon ki Garmi Season 3 Part 2,Gaon ki Garmi Season 3,Juaa,Gandi Baat 7,Rajneeti,Official Rajni Kaand 2,Prem Game,Matki Part 2,Courtship
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