17 Nov 2023

Angoori Web Series Actresses, Trailer and Full Videos Watch On ULLU App

Angoori Web Series

For subscribers of the ULLU digital streaming platform who love drama and fantasy web series, there's exciting news. Following the success of recently released web series like "Sanskari," "Chumbak," "Jaane Anjaane Me 7," and more, the OTT platform is all set to bring you another brand-new web series titled "ANGOORI." The trailer for this new series is now available on various OTT platforms, and the release date is scheduled for November 9, 2023.

The story of the "ANGOORI" web series revolves around a young blind girl who lives with her elderly father. Her father is deeply concerned about her future and safety, so he decides to arrange a marriage for his daughter Angoori (played by Pihu Singh) with a sighted man to ensure she can lead a better life. Angoori's father begins searching for a suitable groom for her but faces a dilemma when one prospective suitor expresses a desire to have a trial living relationship with Angoori for a month before marriage, a proposition that her father disapproves of.

Angoori web series full video

Then, by a stroke of fate, Angoori has a chance encounter with a blind young man while on her way. This accidental meeting sparks a connection between Angoori and the blind man, both of whom contemplate marriage. However, an incident occurs that casts doubt on Angoori's reputation. To unravel the twists and turns that follow, you'll need to watch all the episodes of the web series.

One of the main attractions of this web series is its lead actress, Pihu Singh, who has been featured in several successful web series. "ANGOORI" promises to offer a visually stunning and captivating experience that viewers are sure to love. The storyline sets it apart from other web series on the Ullu app, and it features romantic scenes that add an extra layer of intrigue.

If you're a student and someone with moral values, you might want to consider whether this type of web series aligns with your preferences. It's essential to choose entertainment that resonates with your values and can also provide meaningful life lessons.

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Ullu App Angoori Wiki

Part 1 release dateNov 14, 2023
Part 2 release dateNov 21, 2023
OTT PlatformUllu App
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionUllu Digital Pvt Ltd.

Angoori cast(s) name

Pihu Singh Pihu Singh

Web series Angoori Part 1 Trailer

Angoori Part 2 Trailer

How to Watch Angoori Web Series full episode online?

  • Angoori will be streaming on the Ullu App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the Ullu App
  • Watch web series Angoori on the Ullu App
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