14 Nov 2023

Hypnosis Web Series Actresses, Trailer And Watch Full Videos on Cine Prime App

Hypnosis Web Series

Hey there! If you are a subscriber to the Cine Prime app and are eager to find out about the upcoming web series and its cast, then this article will satisfy your curiosity. Cine Prime is consistently releasing new shows for its subscribers, with new web series premiering every week, featuring fresh faces. Recently, they announced a new web series called "HYPNOSIS," which falls under the fantasy-drama genre, primarily meant for entertainment purposes.

You must be thrilled to learn the names of the lead actress and actor. Over the past few months, Cine Prime has kept the cast of the web series under wraps. However, after watching the trailer for the "HYPNOSIS" web series, it appears that actress Gunjan Aras is taking the lead role. While we cannot confirm it is indeed Gunjan Aras, the evidence strongly suggests her involvement.

The storyline of the "HYPNOSIS" web series revolves around a young girl and a young boy. The young girl asks the boy for a mobile phone to make a call, but unfortunately, no one answers her call. In a kind gesture, the boy invites the girl to stay at his house, and she accepts the offer. As she spends more time at the boy's house, she becomes attracted to his lifestyle and living conditions. The series includes numerous romantic scenes, leaving viewers intrigued about how the story will ultimately unfold.

The actress in the web series is remarkably appealing, and the photography in the show is of high quality. Notably, the series refrains from using abusive language, setting it apart from many other web series. If you are a student or someone who appreciates more wholesome entertainment, you might want to consider exploring other options for your leisure activities.

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Cine Prime Hypnosis Wiki

Release DateNov 10, 2023
GenreDrama & romance
OTT PlatformCine Prime
Origin CountryIndia
Shooting Location
Banner/ProductionCine Prime Present

Hypnosis cast(s) name

Gunnjan Aras Gunnjan Aras

Web series Hypnosis Trailer

How to Watch Hypnosis Web Series full episode online?

  • Hypnosis will be streaming on the Cine Prime. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:
  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the Cine Prime
  • Watch web series Hypnosis on the Cine Prime
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